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Collaborative Efforts

Partners: Clients

In 2013, Murcom partnered with Vidpresso from the USA to provide Social media software for TV broadcasters to the East African Market. Some of the clients served include two of the largest media conglomerates Next media group and nation Media group


Pegasus technologies is the leader in mobile money aggregation and in the development of financial software solutions such as mobile money based merchant and school fees payments, international remittances, bulk payments, bill payments. Pegasus provides services to various clients such as Telecoms, banks, businesses and government entities.
Pegasus Technologies process over $400 million USD in payments annually. It is pioneering in various innovative solutions such as mobile money interoperability in order to enable greater financial inclusion.


In 2016, Mrucom partnered with Bsystems to provide E-registry solutions to the Ugandan market and in 2018 they won a tender to provide the Ugandan government with a collateral registry for moveable assets that will be used by all the banks in the country.
Bsystems Limited is a Software and Database Management Company offering cutting-edge IT-based business solutions that meet the present and future needs of businesses within the sub-Saharan marketplace.


In 2015 Murcom Partnered with Solo to provide their products and services to MTN Uganda and in 2018 Solo got selected by MTN group to provide device financing solutions.
SOLO is an experience-driven digital content and smartphone company focused on delivering the best content and services on the mobile platform to African consumers. SOLO was formed in 2012 by a group of highly experienced telecommunication professionals.


Coinpesa is a digital asset exchange based in Africa focused on bringing crypto currencies and other digital assets to the masses. Coinpesa is on a mission to accelerate financial inclusion on a global scale through the distribution of blockchain based digital assets by building the tools that will allow users to easily access digital assets locally and seamlessly transact globally with ease.


In 2019,  Murcom and Swiftpass technologies signed a strategic partnership to deploy a mobile payments E-wallet and develop the eco-system of merchants within the African marketplace.
SwiftPass is a leading FinTech company dedicated to providing mobile payment solutions. In 2017, SwiftPass became the first publicly listed company in the mobile payment industry in China with a valuation of more than $ 1.5 Billion.

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